Producing godly leaders and innovators since 2004

Since opening its doors in 2004, Light of the World Christian Academy of Makati (LOTW CAM) is a DepEd recognized integrated school known for its emphasis on Growth Mindset, Christian Leadership and progressive approach to 21st century education.


Led by Light of the World Christian Ministries and renowned dermatologist Dermclinic president Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, CAM focuses on becoming a leading 21st century school producing godly-leaders and excellent innovators for the glory of God.


The school offers programs from Kindergarten to Senior High School.





With the world forced into a “new normal”, CAM successfully transitioned into a blended learning / hybrid approach using Schoology and Zoom Apps. Similarly, our  parents showed high  engagement  in providing timely feedback with our agile teaching staff. This resilient culture has indeed given CAM the cutting edge in this digital learning modality. While other schools are still figuring out how to design their online instruction, our parents have already attested our proven dynamism in virtual classroom instruction.



Repurposing & Innovating

Following this trajectory, CAM is much more determined to innovate for SY 2020-2021 by using the most progressive and highly engaging platform - Brightspace created by D2L Canada that is used by more than 15 million learners worldwide.


Brightspace has award-winning accessibility features that make it easy for students to navigate tools using assistive technologies. Video-based assessments, gamification, and video conferencing allow personalized learning experiences.


With a multi-modality approach students will experience a healthy blend of on/offline activities striking a balance between home and school life. 



CAM offers courses from Kindergarten to Senior HIgh School and an inclusive Special Education Program.



Learning through play

Christian Academy of Makati uses the Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum (DAC) for its pre-school instruction while adapting the whole-brain approach in choosing fun and learning activities that cater to all kinds of learners according to their developmental skills. Thematic lessons ensure development of holistic concepts for young learners. Through these carefully-guided lessons, CAM brings out the best in your child.


Collaborative Learning

We adopt active and collaborative learning as its curricular approach to Primary School and Middle School instruction. The application of teamwork in learning concepts must touch not only the mental and emotional dimensions, it also highlights movement education and spiritual integration to make learning fun. 



Innovative Thinking

Leading to 21st Century


High School education of CAM accentuates innovative thinking and creative ways of doing things in its delivery of high school curricula. This is to prepare its graduates for the highly competitive and technology-driven society while integrating life lessons in integrity, entrepreneurship, leadership and social service. 


Meanwhile, the Senior High School of CAM puts a new meaning to the words “young professionals”. Incoming students will be trained by specialists in the various industries to get them ready for the corporate jungle. 



Educating our Special Children

The ultimate goal of CAM’s inclusion and mainstream programs is the integration of learners in the regular school system. Our school’s loving and accepting environment as well as our healthy class ration is the most nurturing climate to develop the maximum potential of the child with special needs enabling him to become self-reliant. We also work hand in hand with the child’s external providers to make sure our academic intervention is appropriate. This teamwork approach in designing a child’s learning menu is geared towards providing him with opportunities for a full and happy life. Indeed, a climate of love and professional diligence is a mark of a special school for your special child. 

Taking on the battlecry

“CAM Virtual Classroom: Repurposing & Innovating!”,

CAM faces the coming

school year head on.

We are ready for SY 2020-2021!